Distilling, Cooperage & Blending Program

The Distilling Program at the historic James E. Pepper Distillery produces a limited number of barrels (approximately 2,000 barrels per year as of 2023), all of which are distinct in the word of Kentucky Bourbon when compared to large heritage producers. Our water source is the historic distillery well, our corn is 100% locally grown by a single farmer, and our rye and barley are sourced from around the world to ensure top-class flavor and quality. Although we produce historic mash bills, they have all been reimagined through our grain and distilling program. Additionally, we produce blending component bourbons that isolate and showcase the historic flavor grains originally used at the distillery. All our whiskies are aged in the finest cooperage, which includes new toasted and charred barrels made from Kentucky oak that has been air-seasoned for a minimum of 18-24 months. Furthermore, all bourbon distillates have a low barrel entry proof, not exceeding 110 proof. This innovative distilling and blending program sets the stage for creative and unique whiskies in our core line up and for future limited releases.