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James E Pepper Beer

"Nothing short of amazing"
-- BeerAdvocate

Like most whiskey aficionados, we also love a great beer. And in particular, we became very fond of barrel-aged beers, which from time to time had been aged in our whiskey barrels! So we decided to have some fun and make our own beer. We partnered with a great craft brewery (the Beltway Brewing Co. in Sterling, VA) and began working with their master brewer to create a beer that would age best in barrels that previously held our award-winning James E. Pepper "1776" Rye Whiskey.

No more than 30 days after our whiskey barrels are dumped in Kentucky, they are at the brewery being filled with beer. This ensures that every batch gets a rich Rye whiskey finish and notes of toffee, chocolate, oak, and vanilla. Because we buy barrels from the copper to age our whiskey, and then we monitor that maturation process over the years until we bottle our whiskey, we have complete control over the age and type of barrels we use. We think that is a big reason why this beer has come out with such uniquely rich flavor and taste. Cheers!

1776 Smoked American Brown Ale aged in Rye Whiskey Barrels 10.4% Alc.

old pepper ale 1776

About Us

old pepper distilleryThe Pepper family brand of whiskey is an iconic Kentucky & American whiskey brand produced from the American Revolution through 1958. After going out production for decades, it was relaunched by whiskey entrepreneur, Amir Peay, in 2008. A campaign of thorough historical research and collection of historic materials has been ongoing, and have been used to retell the lost story of this iconic American whiskey brand and to distill new stocks of "Pepper" whiskey (visit the History Page to learn more). To begin the relaunch of this historic brand partnerships with existing distilleries were formed and today the whiskey distilled for the 1776 line of whiskeys is made in a collaboration with the historic Lawrenceburg Distillery in Indiana. It was always a goal to one day build a James E. Pepper distillery and museum in Kentucky, and the dream was to be able to do so at the site of the abandoned historic James E. Pepper Distillery in Lexington, Kentucky. In the Spring of 2016, the dream became a reality and news was finally announced that a plan had been finalized to renovate & rebuild the historic James E. Pepper Distillery. In December of 2017, distillation re-commenced at the historic property and it is set to open to the public in Spring of 2018. Learn more about the distillery project on our Distillery Page.

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